Error when installing Sophos Antivirus software

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Hello Gurus!

I was trying to install the Sophos Antivirus software in my Win XP PC when I got this error message, see below. 

I have searched the web and saw a way how to resolve the problem, but I was still puzzled over the resolution. 

I knew I have the correct time and date in my PC. 

Is there any other way to resolve the problem?  Thanks.


Invalid manifest file: [VE-BADCERT]: 7

If you do not click ‘OK’, this message box will close automatically after 60 seconds.

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Error when installing Sophos Antivirus software


You have to make sure that the installer is not corrupted, and it must be compatible with the operating system that you have.

Solution 1:

Try downloading it again it the internet and make sure that you choose the right software for the operating system. This is a must because it will not install unless it is compatible with the operating system.

Solution 2:

Change the anti virus that you will install. Buy a new one that is genuine and with a lot of features. That is a key to maintain your computer. Also if your operating system is a genuine one. You may want to download Microsoft Security Essentials. Its free and has good features perfect for the protection of your operating system.

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Error when installing Sophos Antivirus software


This error is an error which tells that there are some corrupted files in the folder of that Sophos antivirus where it installed.

So you must check on those files.

Sometimes there is also an error in windows do check that error also. The solution for you is that you can open the control panel from the start menu and then start add/remove program and then there you found a copy of that file named Sophos.

There you found a button named as uninstall or may be repair so press that key and then repair that software in a new way and then try to run it if again it shows an error then you can install that software in a new way or simple get a new copy of it .


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