Error when entering February dates on the Table for Tax

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I am getting an error when entering February dates on the Table for Tax. I’m trying to compute the payroll for the month of February starting from the first day of the month. I keep on getting an error saying that there are no computations for any kinds of deductions. Attached is the screenshot of the error I get. Also, this error would appear for these items:
FIT 12
Also, let me just inform you that, there are no issues with the month of January. The computation for the month of January is correct. I would like to know if this is a known product issue. I need help in fixing this issue.  Thank you



Peachtree Accounting          
An invalid Filing Status is selected for a Payroll Field Name on the Withholding Info tab of an Employee record.          
Employee ID: 100          
Payroll Field Name: FIT 12          
Filing Status: Married          
To fix this either:          
Select a valid Filing Status for the Payroll Field Name on the Withholding tab of the Employee record.          
Add a new formula that uses this Filing Status. This formula should have the same name as the existing formula that is used for calculating this payroll field, but a different formula ID. Go to File, Payroll Formulas, User-Maintained to add a new formula.          
To see your existing tax formulas and their filing statuses, go to File, Payroll Formulas, User-Maintained. If you do not see a formula that you are looking for, go to File, Payroll Formulas, Peachtree-Maintained

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Error when entering February dates on the Table for Tax


Try following the suggested instructions on the dialog box. Those 3 suggested solutions might fix the problem. You should thoroughly analyze the formula that you are using in the table. Maybe you just missed out on something or maybe you overlooked a data in one of the fields in the table.

Check every information you entered in the table. Make sure that all figures are correctly entered without any typographical errors. A simple mistyped information can usually cause problems especially if you are entering them in a filing record or something. You should analyze again the figures in your table.

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