Error when copying an image in Photoshop

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Hi, I am new to Photoshop.  I hope someone can help me with this error message (please see below).  I copied an image to my canvass and tried selecting it when I got the error message. I wondered why this happened when I was selecting the image that I just copied.

Any advice on what to do?

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Could not move the selection because the selection area is empty.

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Error when copying an image in Photoshop



There's a lot of reason why you're getting that error message in adobe photoshop.  It can happen when on an empty PhotoShop layer, a selection has been made to move a tool.  It can also happen when you try to make a layer from a selection. I am sure that you get that error because the are you selected is empty. Here is a way to avoid an error like that:

1. Go to "Select/Transform "

2. Choose "Image/Transform"

3. Now you can distort an empty selection until it fits

I hope this might help you fix your problem.


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Error when copying an image in Photoshop


Hi WinstonV,

This error commonly occurs when you attempt to copy from a blank or inexistent PhotoShop layer. Check the status of the layers in the palettes; ensure that the layer you are trying to copy has been selected too, because even if the layer is there and you have not selected it before copying so that you can move it, the layer will not be moved. It will still display the error that you have indicated above.

Also ensure that you are not trying to copy a layer that has no image in it. A blank even when properly selected will be moved or copied to another layer because they is nothing to copy there.

Hope this helps.

Lee Hung.

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