Error with Verizon when downloading NFL Mobile

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I attempted to download NFL game into my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 when an error appears. I am under Verizon and yet and I have tried to download it on my iPad but the error message below appeared. What is the wrong with Verizon?

 I have tried to go to the website inserted in the error message and already entered my mobile number to get the NFL Mobile but I did not receive any confirmation yet.

Please help.


NFL Mobile is an exclusive service for Verizon Wireless customers. Please visit for more information.


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Error with Verizon when downloading NFL Mobile


 Hi Royce



 Here are some reasons and solution for you Royce.


1.       First of all the you are having this game error because this game is not Compatible on your ipad or galaxy. Check its compatibility before downloading it.



2.       Download it from another site or another provider. For better effect download it on its original site or just buy the game you want.


3.       You said that you have already give your mobile number to the given website. You Should you Mobile again for any replies or just simply wait for their reply.


4.       After a few days without reply download again the game and checked for any updates on the game.  If there is a latest version of it don’t bother removing the old one just get the update and run.



Thank you and Please contact for any further questions

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Error with Verizon when downloading NFL Mobile


Hello Royce,

That may be an error due to an outdated NFL Mobile app, and therefore you will need to do one of the following:

  • Download the latest NFL Mobile app and install it to replace the one that you are using right now.
  • Or you can just go ahead and perform the update of the NFL Mobile app that you have right now on the internet.

Also check if you have the Verizon Login app installed, for it may be missing. In case you have it disabled, you will need to enable it and maybe clear data on it as well. You might also want to clear data on the NFL Mobile app in case it still does not work.

Hope this helps.



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Error with Verizon when downloading NFL Mobile


Actually, NFL mobile app is exclusively for Verizon wireless customers only. So if you need that app contact your nearest Verizon center or visit for details. There is another Techyv post which is addressed your problem. For more information visit that Techyv page and get more idea.

I cannot open the NFL Mobile

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