Error shown while launching MegaSeg or RadioLogic DJ

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Hey all,

Subject is a B&W G3, which is running 10.4.11, just installed over 10.3.9. So, actually, it was installed as an upgrade and not a full install.

I am trying to install MegaSeg or RadioLogic DJ and this is where the problem occurs.

When I launch them, I get the following popup:

Runtime error


Runtime Error
Location: /Users/Realsoftware/BuildSlave/QuickStableXCode/build/REALbasic/REALbasicXcode/…/…/Common Plugin.cpp:7458
failure Condition:pluginEntryTable.GetEntry
(entrypoint Name, out)
Failure Message: can't find plugin method
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I used Safari to download them and then used Archive Unpacked to unpack them. I have all the permissions and I have run the disc utility feature, but as of yet, I haven't tried installing anything else.

Do you know how to solve this?

Your suggestions are most welcome


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Error shown while launching MegaSeg or RadioLogic DJ


Hi Olivia,

  • If you just downloaded these programs then you will have to make sure that they are compatible with G3, because they may be having compatibility issues and as a result causing the problem.
  • The error indicated in the error message you have posted above is also referring to XCode. That shows that it may be possible your installation did not include it and therefore you might need to get the latest version that includes XCode.  Download it and install it and see if the apps to work after that.

Hope this helps.



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