“Error in retrieving the download URL”

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I have checked this. When you are browsing YouTube via UMPlayer, and if you press the "Play Video" button on video nothings occurs.

But if you click the "Record Video" button, it shows an error: "error in retrieving the download URL"

Yet, there are no errors sent to the command line during either of these tests. This seems to imply that UMPlayer might not have been updated to keep up with the changes to the YouTube URL generation.

I have seen this with a few other programs that try to link/use YouTube, so it is not all that surprising. The only fix that I have discovered is to wait for the next update to UMPlayer and see if the program developer(s) have updated the YouTube functionality.

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“Error in retrieving the download URL”


Hi There!

There is an existing advanced tool for monitoring in Windows that displays the real-time registry, file system, and process activities. It is called Process Monitor and you can use this one to find out the cause of the error “Access Denied”. This combines two legacy Sysinternals utility features called Regmon and Filemon. Enhancements are added in the extensive list which includes session IDs and User Names, filtering that are rich and non-destructive, information can be processed reliably, logging in simultaneously, support for the integrated symbol for operation in full thread stacks, and many more.

This tool is a very powerful and unique and can be used as a core utility for system troubleshooting and also useful for hunting malware existing on your computer. You can also try to look at the registry access during the time you logged in. Take note that YouTube has a Unicode that was recently added to encode video source coming from URLs. Please download the latest updates for this one to be resolved.


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“Error in retrieving the download URL”


That’s right. If the application doesn’t receive an update, it will not be able to access any videos on YouTube because the site gets updated from time to time to add protection to its contents.

If you don’t update UMPlayer or the media player doesn’t receive an update from its developer and you try to play or record a video on YouTube, the media player will still use the protocol used when YouTube has not been updated yet.

When this happens and YouTube has already been updated, the media player will trigger an error because it cannot access the resource you are trying to access. I’m not sure what version you are using but you can download the latest from UMPlayer on SourceForge.

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