Error A reference already exists for the specified audio id.

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Hi there,

This Alert appears when I want to play some media files on my phone and I have to skip them. I would like to fix because I am afraid that will harm my phone and will create more errors. Does anyone have any idea about this Alert and what it means ?

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Error: A reference already exists for the specified audio id.


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Error A reference already exists for the specified audio id.


You don’t normally see this error on Smartphones if you are only playing media files like music and videos. But if you are using an application when this error hits you then there is probably something wrong with your app or its settings. The error is referring to an audio ID.

Check your app and see if there is an option in the settings where you can change the audio properties or other components. Since you are playing the media files on your mobile phone, make sure they are valid media files. Like for example if you are playing a video, check if it is really a video file.

You can check it by copying the file to your computer and opening it there. This also goes to music files like MP3s, WMAs, WAVs, and other formats. Also, if they are valid media files, make sure your handset supports these media formats because playing or opening unsupported media files on your mobile phone can also generate a similar error.

Not all handsets support the same media formats but normally for videos AVI, MP4, and MPG are supported. For audio files, MP3, WAV, and WMA are also typically supported.

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