Error received on opening some older version files in CorelDraw X5

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Hi All

I have been working with quite a few files for my project on CorelDraw X5 and when attempting to open quite a few files, I started getting an error message reporting an invalid fill and giving me options to Abort, Retry or Ignore. I was not sure what could be the issue and clicked retry. But this again gave me the same error. I examined three files giving this error and found that they were all created using CorelDraw X3. So could this be a compatibility issue? Aren’t these files backward compatible? What changes should be made to get them to open on CorelDraw X5? Did anyone else face an issue opening files created using an older version on CorelDraw X5? I need to get these files open somehow and I sincerely hope someone here will be able to guide to the right solution. This is an urgent matter and any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

File C:Document and SettingAdministratorDesktopKUL_4X 2 Banner_CC.cdr contains an invalid fill ID. Click ABORT if you do not wish to open the file. Click RETRY if you wish to continue opening the file. Click IGNORE if you wish to open the file without further error messages.

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Error received on opening some older version files in CorelDraw X5


In cases like this where the CDR files won’t open in CorelDRAW X5 which like what you said is created using CorelDRAW X3, you need to extract the file “RiffData” from the actual CDR files and then open them or import them in CorelDRAW X5. Files that are saved in CDR format are basically saved as a normal ZIP file which you can open and extract using any other file extractor.

If you have WinZIP on your computer, open the CDR file or files and then extract the file called “RiffData”. Once it is extracted, you can now open it or import it to CorelDRAW X5. If you can’t unzip or extract the file from the CDR file or files then it is possible that your file or files are completely corrupted.

And also, the first two bytes of a ZIP file as with a CDR file should always be “PK”. If you don’t have WinZIP or your WinZIP’s functions are very limited, you can always download 7-Zip for free.

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