Error: ORA-12514 when I try to connect

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Hi there, when I tried to use some third party software or Oracle Form Builder, I encountered with this error of ‘ORA-12524’.

Some database parameters were modified e.g. max_parallel_server but the error continued to appear. 

Also, the server was trying to restart. 

The error disappeared and reappeared one day later.

Any one help me to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Error: ORA-12514 when I try to connect


Hello Ronnya61,

Oracle connectivity libraries can not find the tnsnames.ora thus not connect to the database. 

Please verify their KJS script for ulimit settings , default is 1024. Setting this to a lower value might limit the no. of file descriptors OS can handle. 

This error relates to hitting max # of file descriptors. For each connection, oracle reads the tnsnames.ora file. If there's already max # of file descriptors open, then when it tries to open tnsnames.ora, you get the ORA 12154 error. 

To prevent oracle from reading tnsnames.ora, you have to specify the entire description of the datasource and not just the datasource name in the connect 


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Error: ORA-12514 when I try to connect


The Solution is very simple you just need to check and verify KJS Script for ulimit setting and see if it adjust to lower value and you should know that the exact reason of this error is  when oracle reads tnsnames.ora then this error will happen so to avoid this error we should banned Oracle from reading this so you need to specify your datasource description and take a look for this that if you find your tnsnames like this


So you need to notice the change in that one and that should be like this as you need to specify your Shstest_Oracle  so Take a look for that description


So you can notice the difference and you also need to see if there use the object file and you should avoid descriptors failure due to close the file afterward

So To focus in your error you need to focus on opened file descriptors and see the number of your opened file descriptors if they near from 256 

Hope This Solutions Helps You 

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