Error ORA-01722 in SQL issue

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Good Evening!

Please provide me a solution to this problem.

I was performing some addition and subtraction from dates in the SQL server database while this error occurred. I have faced this error for the first time. As far as I understand, it may be caused because I was adding non-numeric values along with the dates and was subtracting alphanumeric values from the dates. But it's my need that I have to add and subtract in this way.

I don’t know how SQL operates all arithmetic operations, but still I want someone to sort this out so I can add the values and numeric values my way and can get the desired output of numeric values.

Don’t stress on my idea ,but just try to figure it out that what may be the actual cause of this error. My work is stopped and will start when someone out of you people guides me about the solution of this problem. Waiting for your kind response can you solve it?

Error encountered An error was encountered performing the requested Operation.

ORA-01722: invalid number

01722. 00000 – “ invalid number”



Vendor code 1722 Error at line:1 Column:131

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Error ORA-01722 in SQL issue


ORA-01722: invalid number error message means that the process in converting a character string to a number was unsuccessful. It might be because the entered string was invalid. The entry should contain a numeric value to be considered as valid character.
The best solution is to verify the character strings entered in the function. It should contain numbers, decimal point, sign then try to enter again the operation. I hope everything will be fine at your end.

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Error ORA-01722 in SQL issue


Dear Jessie, The ORA-01722 error main cause is wherever there is some conversion function is used in this case while converting some character string into numeric string. I will explain solution using an example. Please see the image below showing a SQL statement.

Here converting a string into numbers while “,” comma is not a number character that why this error occurred. Hope you understand the problem and will consider where you have gone mistakenly. If still problem persists please feel free to write me again. Will try to help you out with some other examples.

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