An error occurred while starting mirroring.

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I have a database that is backup form MS SQL Server 2000 and bring back to the MS SQL Server 2005.
I have two systems SERVER1 and SERVER2 with Windows server 2003 R2 and SQL 2005 SP2.
I have default instances of the entire computer. SQL services operating with administrator rights.
I have restored the DB database to server SERVER1 as regular database.
After that I develop backup of this database for mirroring and restored it to another server SERVER2 as no recovery.
What time I develop a mirror I receive this error message which you can see at below attached image:

Database properties

An error occurred while starting mirroring.

Additional Information

After failed for Database 'Rep_TestDarabase'. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch.


Database mirroring cannot be enabled because the 'Rep_TestDarabase' databaseis read-only on one of the partners. (Microsoft.SqlServer. Error: 1466)


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An error occurred while starting mirroring.



This is a common problem that most of the people face when running mirror servers. You should check some items at once to fix the problem.

First, go to the services.msc and check under which account the SQL is running. Make sure that both SQLServer and SQL server agent services are running from the same identification.

In the mirror database, select the same identification as in the principal server. If the user is not available, make a new one on both servers with the same identification.

You will get a new principal server and in the SQL server, add the new login as sysadmin and public. In the mirror server, also add the same user.

Hope your problem will be solved.

Thank you.

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