An error occurred while installing steam

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Once upon a time I was busy with playing a non steam game (the ball, if that matters), and was running excellent in the environment, then unexpectedly my PC halt entirely. I thought it would come to its first position after sometime. So I decided to go out and took some food. After some time I went there again and I looked my PC is still hot. So I switched the computer physically

I reboot the computer, the whole thing looking to be as it should, but when I start again the steam it shows this error message;

Steam - error


Steam – Error

There was a problem with your Steam installation.

Please reinstall steam.


Everything right, so initially I attempted to remove everything besides of Steamapps and steam.exe, and retry.

The error message was similar

I attempted an entirely new installation of it, and carry on to update.

The error message was similar

Currently what

Appreciation in advance


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An error occurred while installing steam




Perhaps your installation becomes corrupted. Be sure to download new installation file from internet and before installation clean your computer from viruses and after cleaning disable your antivirus program, since some antivirus programs disables some files to be installed. Before installation makes sure you delete your previous installation to be sure no files are left from previous installs.


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An error occurred while installing steam


Hi Patty,

I believed that the cause of the error is improper shutdown. You should stop the process of the program first by going to the task manager before you reboot it. It seems that after you reboot the computer, the files of the program has been corrupted. In order to install and use it again, please make sure to uninstall the program. Also, clearly wipe out the remaining files of the programs in the registry because the error will still continue to exist if you don’t do it.

You can use this program to properly uninstall a program in your computer. To download the software, kindly click the following link: Revo Uninstaller Software. This special program will allow you to properly and clearly install programs and applications in your system. It also includes the whole registry files and leftover files. 


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