Error on my CD/DVD Driver

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Hi everyone,

The error I am receiving;

Only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was completed.

I am encountering this error on my HP Pavilion laptop with Windows XP Professional before. But because of added new features and better performance, I decided to change and install a fresh and genuine version of Windows 7 Ultimate.  Everything seems to be okay. I successfully installed all the necessary drivers needed to include the drivers for my Optical Drive.

But after an attempt to install a game using a DVD disk, this error occurred. I successfully installed the same game disk when I was using Windows XP, so I'm not really sure if this is because I changed my operating system. If so, how can I fix this?

I know that my optical drive is not damage because I just used this on installing Windows 7.

And also, I checked on the device manager if there is a problem with the driver, but everything is there.  I tried the game disk on another computer, and it successfully installed. But I can't seem to use it on my own computer.

How can I test my optical drive for possible errors or damage? ( if it's really damage)

Please help me.


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Error on my CD/DVD Driver


The error you are encountering can be caused by several reasons. But most likely are the driver you are using is incompatible with this version of windows or your computer is using a transfer mode that is incompatible with your drive.

To solve the driver issue, go to your HP website and see there is any manual driver update available for windows 7. If not, open device manager (Right click computer icon, then click properties, then select device manager from the left side list), from DVD/CD Rom drives, uninstall your one and then restart computer and see if the error is still there.

To solve the transfer mode issue, go to device manager, from IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers select the channel with your DVD drive connected to. It is usually the secondary IDE channel or ATA Channel 1 (Do not do anything with primary channel or ATA channel 0). Open its properties, on the advanced tab, uncheck the Enable DMA option and restart your computer.

If still not solved, read this Microsoft knowledge base article for additional troubleshooting.

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Error on my CD/DVD Driver


Techyv is such a big help! Thank you for the solution john. You are really kind. I already solved the problem.

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