Error mod not found error

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My office mate was running Microsoft Oracle driver when he received this error message “Error_Mod_Not_Found.” We did some inquiries on how we can rectify this concern and we found out that it needs that the contents of the Desktop Engine will be merged using the Desktop Engine merge modules of the SQL Server 2000 version.

And so, we asked our technical assistant to fix the concern , but it took a long time for him to solve the problem. We are actually posting this concern here hoping that you have wonderful ideas on how to address these troublesome errors on our application.

Thanks a lot.

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Error mod not found error


On Hardware and software, error codes help to address problem on this two. Error code 126 is one of these issues. It is displayed when DLL or dynamic link library file is not found at run time. These DLLs are from Microsoft Windows files that are executable. These are linked of functions that acts as shared libraries, placed independently from the process that executes them although they are not really a party of the executable code. These DLL file are accessed by numerous applications under memory, these file manages sharing of data resources of the application. By using this DLL files it saves a lot of memory in the system, saving from disk, file swapping, upgrades, and easy internal program creation.

When an application that is running does not have a machine Path for the DLL an ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND will be displayed. This DLL path is needed for the connection of database. The error code 126 will be encounter when there is no configuration for the Database that requires the DLL path.

Some of the affected applications that show this message because of undefined path are WINSQL, Microsoft Oracle Driver, Oracle ODBC Driver and the WinSQL Oracle Driver. If an SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine MSI package installation is nested this error 126 will also show up because one of the modules of this MSI package is opened. To address this issue Use the SQL Server 2000 version Desktop engine merge modules to merge the Desktop Engine contents or by directly opening the MSI package in the Desktop Engine. This will leave the nested installation unused.

If Srvsvc.dll is not found or corrupted this error code will also show up when you access the application. To address this issue, You must use your Windows XP installation CD and locate manually the Srvsvc.dll file, copy it and paste it directly to Windows System folder which is the System32 folder that is located on the default Windows drive (C:) When done with this, open a command prompt and type Services.msc on the command line to start the server service.

This error code also caused by system registry and system files problems. You may download and install registry cleaner like ccleaner, a registry cleaner will optimize the registry performance by removing invalid registry entry. Also you must install a good antivirus and update it regularly to avoid viruses that can be also the reason of this error.

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