Error message while posting a page

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Do you have any idea why I get this error message: There was a problem with the Database: error code 1146:

Table ‘hha.p1votx_taxonomies’ doesn’t exist when posting a page.

I don’t know what I did wrong, but this starts to happen after I enable the Bonus Fields extension.

Could that be the cause?

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There was a problem with the Database:
error code 1146: Table 'hha.pivotx_taxonomies' doesn't exit
– If your are in the process of setting up PivotX, you should review your Database connection settings.
– If it worked before, you should check if the Mysql database engine is still running on the server

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Error message while posting a page



Actually your problem is related with the sql database. When you tried to post any topic in your site, that time all of your post goes to ‘hha.p1votx_taxonomies’ tables. But you did not created that table in your database. So you were unable to add any topic in your website. But if you customize or maintenance your database with to ‘hha.p1votx_taxonomies’ table, then your problem will resolve.

So you should check your web script again especially your database. If you will add a new table as the name of to ‘hha.p1votx_taxonomies’ then all of your posted article or other thing will store there.



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