Error Message with Nero Software

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Hello experts,

I found the following Problem when I was using Nero software.

Please help me to solve this.

Thanks in advance.

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Error Message with Nero Software


Hello Caroline,

A problem like that usually occurs for reasons like the following:

  • The file you are trying to burn is extremely large and therefore it cannot fit on the disc that you are trying to burn to. You will therefore need to find a file that has enough space and insert it into the DVD drive to burn the files successfully.
  • The disc that you are using may be corrupt, and that may be due to scratches or dust. You will therefore need to use a disc that is not faulty for the process to complete successfully.
  • You may also just try restarting the Nero Software and see if the problem will go away.
  • If you have an alternative burning software like Ashampoo I will recommend that you try using it and see the outcome.




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Error Message with Nero Software


The above error message isn't too detailed because it doesn't clearly say which DDLs have problems. In general it states that: either it was a problem with the installation procedure or that some DLL files have been corrupted due to unknown causes (maybe a virus).

Firstly you should try to do a complete wipe out of any Nero software from your computer by running the official uninstaller from the Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs section. After that you should have a registry cleaner tidy up your registry. A free and easy to use one is called CCleaner, you can get the tool from here: It's user-friendly so you won't have any troubles with it. Just let it clean your registry and you're set.

After that attempt a Nero re-install and see if the error occurs again. If it does then the DLLs mentioned by the error haven't come with the installer and you need to get them from somewhere else. They might have been Windows default DLLs. In this case you're stuck with a complete OS re-install.

The truth is that they should have mentioned which DLLs have problems. Letting you guess is bad way to do business.

I hope this helps.

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