Error: JavaScript Not Running Correctly

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While downloading McAfee Anti-virus on my computer, this error appeared, “JavaScript not running correctly”. I did everything I know to solve this issue. I disabled pop-up blocker and enabled active scripting, I assure that all Java related permissions and updates are running correctly.

I even called tech support and gave me assistance by accessing my PC remotely to diagnose and help me with the issue. But the tech support suggested that I should contact Java support instead. The sad part is there are no contact numbers on Java website.

Anyone can help me with this issue?

It would be greatly appreciated if somebody gives me assistance.

Thank you in advance.

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Error: JavaScript Not Running Correctly


I will suggest that you try the following workarounds:

  • Look for the java development kit (JDK) online, download it and install it on your machine. It may be possible that some important java files that are needed for the proper functioning of the system are not installed yet and therefore causing the problem.
  • You may also choose to perform a windows update. Just go to the control and then check for updates. When the updates are installed, the java tools may be installed too and therefore solving the problem.
  • You may also try downloading the McAfee antivirus from another site; maybe the site you are downloading from has some sort of problems. Or you could wait for some time and then try downloading the application again.

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