An error has occurred with my media files on Android while playing

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An error has occurred with my media files on Android while playing. I downloaded all the media files and I wanted to play with applicant’s own data folder. It threw the error message “Cannot Play Video: Sorry, this video cannot be played”. There was an error in the log file i.e. MediaPlayer error (1, -2147483648) and failed to prepare. Have you any idea for the issue? How can I get a remedy? Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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An error has occurred with my media files on Android while playing


Hi Jeremy,

The problem you are having might be caused any of the following: 

The first and simplest reason could be that the video file you are trying to open is not compatible with the application you are using. This usually happens when your media player does not have updated codec that would enable it to read certain types of files. Plus of course, some android have limitations on the types of files they can play.

You can try installing another media player application that your Android supports as a work around for this problem. 

Second. The file path could not be located by your media player. This usually happens when you sync an mp3 or video file to your player and then transfer this file later to another folder. Say, you downloaded a video file (jeremy.mp4) into your /downloads folder and added this file to your media player's playlist. You then decided later to reorganize your media and transferred this file to the /videos folder. When you try to play the video using your media player, it would be looking for the specific video file in the file path /downloads/jeremy.mp4 but will not find it there because it is already in /videos/jeremy.mp4. 

If this is the case, all you have to do is add the file from its current folder to your app's playlist again. You can then delete the old one from your app's playlist.

Last but not the least, is that your app lacks the permission to view your downloaded media file. To work around this, you can edit permission settings to a "world-readable" mode:

If you have SDK version not earlier than Android 3, editing the permission should not be difficult:

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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