Error Fatal error initializing class

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I am running a MAC Pro OS X 10.6 , everything seems to be working fine.

But my IDEA alone keeps coming with an error message.



Fatal error initializing class com.intelllij.util.xml.impl.DomApplicationComponent: Complete error stacktrace was written to idea.log

I am not sure where the idea.log is located. I performed a search and could not find the log.

Does that log give me any details of the error message?

Has someone come across the same error message?

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Error Fatal error initializing class


Hi Richard Cooper

About your problem it may be because of a certain problem which we don't know for sure and our only clue is to find that idea.log file.

So have you tried advance search options and try including from hidden files to system files?

To make it easier please check all the options to be included so that the file can be found.

Or another option is to manually search for it. The log file is usually found on the program folder itself so try checking in your java folder then check for a log folder or look for the .log extension.

That will be really help in solving the main problem.


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Error Fatal error initializing class


If you can’t find the log file idea.log anywhere in your hard drive, try checking the way you do your search.

Check the parameters in the search option. If there is an option to include system folders, hidden files and folders, or subfolders, enable them to maximize your search within your drives.

And include all drives in the search if you have multiples hard drives.

You may also try uninstalling then reinstalling the application.

This will restore all the software’s configuration back to default.

If reinstalling didn’t do much good, try checking your computer for any possible errors in the file system.

Use a disk utility application to check the system.

For a much thorough diagnostics on the computer, use a disk utility application like PC Tools Performance Toolkit, Norton Utilities, or Norton SystemWorks.

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