Error: DISCARD SPAM (Code: 0), in AutoMate 6

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I have been using AutoMate 6 for more than three years. However last week when I tried to send email I started receiving an error message.

The email includes Excel documents as email attachment but the sending always fails with an error.

The error reads as follows:

Error: DISCARD SPAM (Code: 0)

Need your help. Thanks in advance.

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Error: DISCARD SPAM (Code: 0), in AutoMate 6


Hi Rebecca Griffin

Hi Rebbeca, it`s your email server that caused that error. They have upgraded their security system. You are not allowed to send straightforward emails because they mark it as a spam.

A simple solution for these is just by changing your email server or change, its server name from the ip address.

Or just access the option tab for your Automate and check for any option that stops you from sending a text file or an option that is marking your files as a spam.

Another way is to get and older version of Automate and update it to automate 6 again.

( Older version of automates has a setting for these that will help you.) after updating it to automate 6 don’t make any changes in the options and try sending your mail again. If encountered a similar problem contact AUTOMATE.

Thank you and For any further question kindly contact me.

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