Receiving Error Code 0xE001D02B on AVG

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I want to uninstall the AVG free but it is neither uninstalled nor works, should i reinstall windows or is there any solution without reinstalling the operating system, found my solution please.

Error file is attached herewith, see it to know the details.

AVG product not installed, uninstallation request ignored.-0xE001D02B

Severity: Error

Error code: 0xE001D02B

Error message: AVG product not installed, uninstallation request ignored.

Additional message: AVG Software Installer – Product not installed, uninstallation request ignored. 

Context: Initialization.

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Receiving Error Code 0xE001D02B on AVG

Dear azhariqbal73,
AVG free, you may say is not a solution to the virus, it is a virus itself. You cannot uninstall in the case you have mentioned, in this case you should treat AVG like a virus itself and you should kill it. I am providing a link below, download it here and run it. This process will completely remove AVG from your PC.
You don't need to reinstall the operating system.
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Receiving Error Code 0xE001D02B on AVG

For most security applications there are residual files that remain even after the standard uninstallation has been done. These are the files that are causing your problem. To solve the problem there are tools available to clean up the remaining AVG files. One such tool is the appremover which available for a free download at this link: Download the tool and follow the wizard to completely uninstall the AVG files.
AVG have also provided a tool for the same and it's available here:
To solve the problem manually without downloading the Uninstallers, search and remove the following files.
Windows XP:
C:Program FilesAVG or C:Program files(x86)AVG (for 64bit OS)
C:Documents and settingsAll usersApplication dataAVG8
C:Documents and settingsAll usersApplication dataAVG9
C:Documents and settingsAll usersApplication dataAVG10
Windows Vista/7:
C:Program FilesAVG or C:Program files(x86)AVG (for 64bit OS)
Once you remove the files, restart your computer. You should able to now install a new antivirus. Hope I have been of assistance.
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Receiving Error Code 0xE001D02B on AVG


Hello Azhariqbal73,

First of all try these steps and try to uninstall in a normal way. Please remove this file from the AVG program folder.

In case of 32 bit systems

"C:Program FilesAVGAVG8avgoff2k.dll"

In case of 64bit systems

"C:Program Files (x86)AVGAVG8avgoff2k.dll")

Now try to uninstall again, it's better if you reboot before uninstalling.

Second, if that does not work on your PC than only one way left for you and that is downloading an Uninstaller and use that. In this below link there is an Uninstaller which can help you.

Thank you,

Riley weaver.

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