Error Code 0x8007003b Windows 10

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Hello, I am facing error code 0x8007003b windows 10 consistently while trying to rename a folder. The File Explorer has stopped working. It says it is unexpected and has urged me to search it with the error code. What am I supposed to do now?

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Error Code 0x8007003b Windows 10


Microsoft has not yet approved the error which is very sad, because of which we have to temporarily use a fix. It might completely fix the error, but you will not see it again.

We need to disable the Windows Search service to get rid of the error.

  • Press the Windows key and S key together. Type services in the window that appears next and press Enter.
  • Look for Windows Search and right-click on it and select Properties.
  • You need to find Startup type and make its status Disable.
  • Click on Apply.
  • You MUST NOT reboot your computer after this.

Hopefully, this error got solved by these steps. Thanks and regards.

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Error Code 0x8007003b Windows 10


This problem normally happens when you are copying a file or files to a shared folder on another computer over the network. If you are simply renaming a folder, there should be no problem. First, check the file system used on the target drive or computer then check the size of the file you are copying.

If the drive where the shared folder is located is using FAT32, you need to check the size of the file you are copying. FAT32 file system supports files smaller than 4 GB only. If the file you are copying is huge and exceeds the 4 GB limit, you won’t be able to copy it.

The file system on the drive needs to be changed to NTFS for you to be able to copy the file. If you are copying multiple files, check every file and make sure not a single file is bigger than 4 GB. If there is a file bigger than 4 GB, exclude it from copying. Try making the file smaller by compressing.

You can use WinZip, WinRAR, or 7-Zip. If the file is way too big, create a multi-volume archive.

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