Error code – 0x80043ac9. Check documentation

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Hello experts!

I encountered the following error while trying to sync my Outlook 2003 calendar entries with my Curve:

Error encountered. Error code – 0x80043ac9. Check documentation.

While the above error is popping up, it also displays in the screen:

"Processing Device Calendar"

"Record 20 of 80 Records"

There is NO PROBLEM while syncing Outlook Contacts or Memos. The problem is only with syncing Outlook Calendar. I've found the similar problem in other post which says the problem occurs when syncing contacts and the given solution was to remove Birthday contact entries:

But there is no any Birthday in my contacts, and again I say my problem is with Calendar, not Contacts.

So can anyone share any idea how to solve this, or have anyone encountered similar problems? May be it’s about with "bad" calendar entries in there somewhere, but I can’t figure it out.

Thanks for reply.


Error encountered. Error code – 0x80043ac9. Check documentation


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Error code – 0x80043ac9. Check documentation



In order to solve this problem, please check the item number 20 of 80 on your Calendar. As the synchronization engine used in BlackBerry Desktop Software does not support entries which are made before the year 1900, you need to scan for all the invalid character or dates in the same year. Check for the contaminated information which cannot be processed properly by the system from the attendees’ field in the calendar appointment.

Try to synchronize the Outlook Calendar again after undergoing a thorough scan on your BlackBerry Curve phone. In case it still doesn’t work, download the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software from the BlackBerry website and upgrade.

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