Error code: 0x000007b: Inaccessible Boot Device

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I have a Dell system with windows 2000. Last day I was transferring some data from my pc to my laptop and the pc froze. Pressing Alt+Ctrl didn’t work for me and I had to shut my system off by holding down the start button. I start it again but this time windows couldn’t run completely.

It loaded half way and then error message appeared on the screen: “0x000007b inaccessible boot device” appeared. I tried running in safe mode but a blue screen came up again before windows could load completely.

Someone please help me out of this situation.

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Error code: 0x000007b: Inaccessible Boot Device


The STOP 0x000007b error is commonly called as Blue Screen of Death. This error is normally caused by device drivers such as those related to hard drive or other storage controllers, viruses, data corruption and sometimes even hard drive failures.

First of all check BIOS to see whether the boot order is correct or not. Make sure that all your IDE channels are enabled in your CMOS. And then try to run recovery console.

This error may also occur due to faulty HDD controller or MRR on your Hard disk are damaged and so preventing it from being mounted and used as a valid boot device. I will suggest you using another hard drive and run the boot menu.

Also I will suggest running a complete virus scan and a scan for bad sectors on your hard drive as virus may have created bad sectors on your hard disk.

There is also another way by reloading RAM after reinserting motherboard’s battery. Mutation in RAM is wiped out and clears way to smooth booting. One more thing you can do is running hard drive diagnostics. If it starts giving you errors then you are sure about the fact that your hard drive is dead.

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Error code: 0x000007b: Inaccessible Boot Device



Having a problem like a blue screen is usually a very common malfunction of a system drive.

  • Yes, it occurs if the system is corrupt due to some circumstances like virus, not enough power to supply in the hardware or power shortage cause by blackout or any anomalies related to power shortage.
  • Blue Screen can vary in any type of problem, this could be:
  • RAM – this needs to be refresh by unplugging the RAM and Reinserting it back, this way it helps the system to refresh and recover its system to a new installed device.
  • HDD- try to reprogram your OS to find out if the problem still occur, maybe this is done by a virus or bugs that makes out some error upon starting.

I hope this will help you solute your problem.

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