Error in Excel: ASAP Utilities – delete all objects on current worksheet

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I faced the following error message when I am trying to use certain workbooks:

Error -2147319765: Automation error

An element not found, Or an error like ' Sorry, your sheet cannot be used for this tool.

Error: ASAP Utilities – delete all objects on current worksheet

Sorry, your sheet somehow may not be used for this function. This could be due to macros with errors in your file. You may try it again by re-opening your workbook without enabling the macros in it. Other reason could be a bug in excel, for that case you can try to copy the information from your current worksheet to a new worksheet. Then run the utility again. A solution could also be to put your worksheet in visual basic/Developers ‘design mode’ and then run the utility again.

Need a solution about this error. Please help. Thanks a lot.

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Error in Excel: ASAP Utilities – delete all objects on current worksheet


If you are using a macro or some macros in your workbooks then maybe this is the reason why you are getting these sorts of error messages. If you think there are macros on the workbooks, try disabling them when you open the file. It is possible that some of the macros on the workbooks are automated or runs automatically after opening the file. If this is the case then you really need to disable the macros.

If disabling the macros did not help, try uninstalling Microsoft Excel or if it is not possible, the whole Microsoft Office package and then install it back to fix any corrupted files in the installation and to restore its settings back to default including some that you might have customized.

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