An error appears while I am opening a drawing file

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HI! I am wondering what is an open drawing-errors found as this appears when I opened one of my drawing files. 

Open drawing error found

One error was found in the drawing file during open. Would you like to cancel this open?

It is recommended you cancel the open and then run the RECOVER command on the drawing file.


There was an error discovered in the drawing file while opening and it added if I will just abandon it.

It also suggests if either I will cancel the open and move on with recover command in the drawing file.

Should I just cancel this? I hope someone will drop by to give some solution to resolve this.

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An error appears while I am opening a drawing file


Hi JohnJValentin ,

The error message is due to corrupted file that you're trying to open. Thus I recommend you two things:

  1. First, cancel the action. All you need to do is to save your file into another format. Let's say you save it in 2005 format, save it as in 2007. If encounter an error message again, save the file back to the original format.
  2.  Make sure that you installed the latest upgrade of the application.

Hope this helps.

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