Error appears when installing Windows XP

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Hi there experts.

While installing the Windows XP in computer, these error occurred.

What causes this to occur and what should I do?


STOP: 0x000000A5 (0x0001000B, 0x50434146, 0xFFD0502c, 0x00000000) 

Thank  you for your time.

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Error appears when installing Windows XP


This error is caused by a faulty Hardware component, not by a software one.

The first thing you need to try is formatting your entire hard-drive when you’re installing new Windows, so that any error left from the older OS will be deleted.

If you still receive this error or any other error with a blue screen you should replace the RAM Memory module, because it is probably broken.

You will find Netbook RAM very easy, and the price should be kind of cheap, so no worries there.

But the best advice I can give you is to send you laptop to a local service store. 

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Error appears when installing Windows XP

  1.  First clean the all component in your computer. Next assemble the computer and power on the PC.
  2.  Insert the Windows XP disk and install the OS.
  3.  If the blue-screen appears again you have to do a hard format which you have to install the OS to entire hard disk. (Delete all the partition you have created before to a single partition. 4 partition into 1 full partition)
  4. If the hard drive has any problem OS want install and it gives and the error message. If isn’t you have to replace new memory (RAM) and Re-install the OS.

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