“Error 2753” while deploying Adobe Flash Player

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Hi all.

Has anyone experienced with the problems of deploying Flash player via GP?  I am seeing this error in the event log:

Product: Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX — Error 2753. The File 'InstallAX.exe' is not marked for installation.

It works fine if it is installed from within Internet Explorer. Does anyone have any ideas? Please share with me. 


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“Error 2753” while deploying Adobe Flash Player


One way to resolve this error is through a registry fix. You have to remove the registry QUID from ClassesinstallerProducts. Just use regedit to open up your registry, look for keys that refer to Flash and delete them. After that, save the registry. Your install should succeed next time you do it but previous versions of Flash will not be removed.

Another way of resolving this is by downloading the installation file (*.exe) from the Adobe site. That version doesn't have this error.

Also, there is a Microsoft automatic registry cleaner, and what it does is it cleans your registry if you're having problems installing a specific program. You may what to start here, the link is: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2970908/how-to-use-microsoft-easy-fix-solutions.

Hope that helps!




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“Error 2753” while deploying Adobe Flash Player


Hi There,

It seems you are having trouble with installing adobe flash player plugging, make sure you uninstall any version of your flash player first, Go to start -> control panel ->add or remove programs (win XP) or programs and features (win 7) and then uninstall the flash. 

Then from this official adobe website download the flash player latest  the URL is :-


Now after downloading the respective latest adobe player you have to install it, hope this will help you install it correctly, 
PLEASE NOTE :- After uninstalling your older version please do a system restart otherwise you will have less chance of installing the newer ones.

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“Error 2753” while deploying Adobe Flash Player


Hello Aileen,

  • After you've created the .MST Transform for Flash, you will need to look for "NewCustomAction1" or something like that which actually installs flash. The condition for this custom action is as follows: NOT Installed. You will need to change it to the following: NOT Installed AND $InstallAX.exe=3, whereby "InstallAX.exe" represents a name of component in Flash MSI that holds the setup.
  • In case you are using a 64-bit flash you will need to use InstallAX64.exe, and for Non-IE Flash you will need to InstallPlugin.exe and InstallPlugin64.exe.
  • That should help you resolve that issue.




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