Error 2012 on BlackBerry PlayBook

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I have a Blackberry Playbook.

When I was trying to customize the software update, it failed to update giving me the error message: Retry Activation.

Your tablet could not be activated because of error (2012) Tap Retry now or Turn off to try again later.

What does this mean?

What should I do to get pass this error?

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Error 2012 on BlackBerry PlayBook




You should follow the instruction as given in the error statement that turn if off and turn on again and it will start working fine. So you should do this and then see it will start working if still it does not start working then:

1. Refresh your internet connection and then again run the update and it will update

2. The other possibility is that may the file you are updating is not ready to update or the update is not for the given software or the version you are using so make it confirm and then update your software so it will update. 

3. From the above 2 points you still could not manage to solve your problem then you should uninstall your software and then again install the updated version instead installing and then updating.

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Error 2012 on BlackBerry PlayBook


Error 2012 appears when the BlackBerry PlayBook is unable to connect with the upgrade server, due to a timeout or is unreachable at this time.

Attempt to reconnect to the wireless network again. 

1. Move out of range of your wireless coverage or try another wireless access point.
2. Perform a reset on the tablet by holding the Power button until it turns off.
3. Turn on the tablet.
4. Select Settings button when the device starts up.

5. Connect to a wireless network and complete the Setup wizard.

If the above steps won’t resolve your problem then it would be better to call customer care of BB and have your PB exchanged.

Hope this helps!

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Error 2012 on BlackBerry PlayBook


Thanks a lot for your help.

It was useful for me.

It actually worked, and I haven’t encountered this error now on my Blackberry.

I am so happy that I have posted my problem in this forum and got solved.

Again thank you very much

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