Error -201003 in LabVIEW Project

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 Hi, I completed a LabVIEW project and when I tried to install the solution on the user PC, it is not working and gives me an error with code -201003. The error code submits a LabVIEW connect and I can’t find it in the NI website. Anyone knows which component I need to add to the installable version? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Error -201003 occurred at DAQmx Create Channel (DO-Digital Output).vi:3

Possible reason(s):

Measurements: Device cannot be accessed. Possible causes:

Device is no longer present in the system.

Device is not powered.

Device is powered, but was temporarily without power.

Device is damaged.

Ensure the device is properly connected and powered. Turn the computer off and on again. If you suspect that the device is damaged, contact National Instruments at….


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Error -201003 in LabVIEW Project



This error occurs when a device identifier is invalid. Please check if your device identifier is correct. And try to remove all the modules except to the one that is giving you the error when you create something and try it to different slots. And please check your connections.

And sometimes this error occur when you have a faulty driver please search for the driver that is corrupted or update all your drives to the latest software that is available in the site of your vendor. And update also your antivirus and OS

Please let me know if this still continues,

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Error -201003 in LabVIEW Project


Generally, this error indicates that device is invalid. To fix this error, first, you have to check whether the device identifier is correct. It is recommended that you have to remove all modules except the module that is showing the error. You should try this with different slots.

You have to check whether there is any loose connection. This problem occurs when your device is corrupted. You should update your device with the latest software. You should also update your operating system and antivirus regularly.

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