Error 105: Server Could Not Be Found

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I am using Chrome in my Mac PC. It was working fine for the past months until today. Most of the pages that I tried to accessed received this error message:  Error 105 The server could not be found. How can I fix this error as it keeps bugging me for so many hours now? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Error 105: Server Could Not Be Found


This is an issue with your DNS. First of all, go to your Network Connections and see if there are more than one active connection. If there is, please disable the other one. This is because sometimes when we install new software such as printer software, a new connection was added. Also, you may also check if you have Security software or Firewall that is blocking the application such as Norton Internet Security Software. If there is, configure it by doing the following steps:

1. Launch Norton Internet Security.

2. Click the Personal Firewall and then click Configure.

3. And then, click the Programs tab and go to Chrome.exe.

4. Alter it to "Permit All" and launch Chrome.


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