Error 0x800705AA on Updating to Windows 8.1 Preview

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I downloaded Windows 8.1 Preview update and it was done successfully. But when I tried to install the update and do a reboot, the error below appears and it won't let me update to 8.1 Preview. What is causing this error to occurred?

Couldn't update to Windows 8.1 Preview

Sorry we couldn't complete the update to Windows 8.1 Preview. We've restored your previous version of Windows to this PC.

0x800705AA – 0x2000C


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Error 0x800705AA on Updating to Windows 8.1 Preview


If you are still interested in installing Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview, I don’t think it is still good to pursue it. Because besides the fact that Microsoft no longer offers this version for download, its license is also about to expire and it will only work until January 15, 2014. When you install it and it expires on the said date, your computer will restart regularly every two hours and that’s not good.

So, instead of installing the Preview version, it would be best to just install the final version of Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Microsoft Windows 8.1 RT. Like when updating to Windows 8, if you wish to update to Windows 8.1 there are also requirements. If you are currently using Windows 7, upgrading your operating system to Windows 8.1 is possible via Upgrade Assistant which is available in Microsoft website.

It will cost you around $120 and if you want Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional, it costs around $200. The bad news is for Windows XP and Windows Vista users because there is no other way you can upgrade to Windows 8.1 unless you do a clean installation. Upgrading and doing a clean install are different. When doing an upgrade or update whatever you call it, your operating system is the only thing that will be touched and upgraded and all your files will be intact.

But of course, after the upgrade, it is necessary to reinstall all programs to activate them on the new operating system. But when doing a clean installation, the entire system drive or drive C needs to be formatted which means erasing all the files before you can install the new operating system.

This is necessary because the files of the operating system are un-upgradable. In this case, you need to backup all your data files and documents to another drive or media to make them available after the installation. Visit Update to Windows 8.1 to learn how to upgrade your operating system to Windows 8.1.

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