Error 0x0000007b Is Being Displayed On My Windows Pc

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To install a new Windows operating system on my computer, I had setup the boot setting of my computer as per requirement but I cannot install the new operating system and when I start the installation then after some time a blue screen error comes on my computer screen, like Stop 0x0000007b or it says a problem has been detected and simultaneously windows is shut down.  Error 0x0000007b is being displayed on my windows PC when I am installing new windows, what should I do?

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Error 0x0000007b Is Being Displayed On My Windows Pc


So basically When the Bios setting of SATA Operation is changed, and then you will get this type of error. Which means that when the SATA Operation is changed from ATA or IDE to AHCI in the bios setting of your computer, then it will get this error on your computer?

Now The Bios setting or SATA Operation setting can be changed automatically or suddenly due to many reasons like Sudden disconnect of the power and switch off the system; Due to hardware changes and changing the bios setting.

You can solve it by changing the SATA Operation from AHCI to IDE or ATA in the bios setting also by the default Bios setting. Follow the process for the same.

  • Go to BIOS setting:- [Ctrl+Alt+Del] + [F2 or Del]
  • Go to Advanced Option
  • Go to SATA Operation
  • Select ATA or IDE
  • Save changes
  • Press F10 exit saving Changes to save the changes.

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