Error Rewriting VELLEMAN PIC Programmer

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I’m using VELLEMAN PIC Programmer K8048/VM111. And it programs a 16F628 properly for the first time. But when I erase the code and want to re-write it, an error appears.

Any idea what is going on here? No amount of re-erasing (is that a word?) helps, it's as if erasing the initial code has somehow killed the chip, it recognizes that its present but fails to write anything to it. Also the Device ID comes up as 3FFF, which it didn't before.

Error Write Error at :0000 Wrote:292D Read :0000"
Write Error at: 0000
Wrote: 292D
Read: 0000
Thanks in advance.
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Error Rewriting VELLEMAN PIC Programmer


I think I’ve already answered this one in my other post before. The problem here is either with the VELLEMAN PIC PROGRAMMER [which is the program you used in programming the chip] or with the programmable chip which I think is attached on a breadboard. Here’s how a typical breadboard looks like:

try closing the application then disconnect the chip from the breadboard

Breadboards are used to design simple circuits and later apply and construct the circuit on a PCB [Printed Copper Board]. I’ve already used one of these when I was still studying before and it is really a very good tool for testing different circuits so you will know which one works and which one will explode.

Since it seems that you chip can’t be reprogrammed anymore, try closing the application then disconnect the chip from the breadboard. Next, start again the program and then see if it can detect anything from the breadboard.

After that, close again the application and then attach the chip again on the breadboard but on a different location this time. Try starting the program again and then try writing a different value on the chip again. You may also try reinstalling VELLEMAN PIC PROGRAMMER to possibly fix the problem.

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Error Rewriting VELLEMAN PIC Programmer


Hello Hoarpey,

That error could be occurring because of the following three causes:

  • The PIC might be failing to be programmed.
  • The PIC could be unable to read it in order to verify the programmed data.
  • The PIC could be programmed but the code protect bit has been set.

In the event that the code protect is on, then the PIC will read out all of the sets (hex 3FF) for all the locations. Note that the config word is normally comes last, when all memory the locations have been done with. For some programming software, each word as it is written is verified, while some software program the whole chip and then verify it. Some software is smart enough to program the chip, and then verify all memory locations, and after that they write the config word.

Hope this helps.



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