Enterprise replication between two databases

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I would like to configure an enterprise replication between two databases (for only specific tables) in one single database server. Can this be accomplished by creating an alias name for the dbserver and using the actual dbservername and the dbserveralias to start replication?

I.e., DBSERVER=ids_em, DBSERVERALIAS=ids_em_alias, 1st db=test, 2nd db=test1, specific tables to be replicated from test to test1.

I don’t want to use triggers, as triggers are immediate and any error on “test1” would prevent the transaction from getting committed even in the db “test”. So I preferred to use ER in background. Can anybody help me out?


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Enterprise replication between two databases


One single Database server program you want to replicate between two Databases containing good server. When you install this program, make sure that your installed file contains its natural supporting file. Make enough space for saving all the files. Registration serial will be used in complete version.

Don’t use the shortcut way like disable some of your tools. Service Pack will fasten your processor. ‘Sync’ all your data. Also if you have Info path, MS word, some of the other apps, it can reflect on them in some way. Activate its uploading file. For this, error message is shown and therefore it may fall victim.

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