Enough Broadband Bandwidth for VoIP calls

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I came across this Broadband Bandwidth for VoIP Calls. I want to know what Broadband Bandwidth is enough to maintain call quality. Do I need to require an additional Quality of Service application which upgrades the VoIP system to improve communication? Please Help.

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Enough Broadband Bandwidth for VoIP calls


Before we answer that questions we need to know first what is bandwidth, and bandwidth is defined as the ability to transfer data(such as a VoIP call) from one point to another with a fixed amount of time.

The higher the bandwidth you have from your internet service provider then the more data you can send over your broadband internet connections. A considerable bandwidth is needed to use your VoIP, so this is a major factor when your going to choose your VOIP service provider.

A high speed internet connections is necessary to connect to internet but they offer limited bandwidth for you. Accordingly a single voice conversation will required you to use 64 kilobits per second for good quality of call, so 64kbps is the starting basis to do a call for VOIP. To make sure you get the right bandwidth that you need for your business or personal use you have to understand all the packages that they offer so that you will know if you have enough bandwidth to support what you need to be done.

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