Error 501 Encryption Problem with my Firefox

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I have a problem with my Firefox browser. Every time I open my default website, it returns an error saying it has an encryption problem, an error 501. I tried changing the URL, omitting the HTTP and adding WWW but it is not working. I have also tried reloading the page but it doesn’t work as well and it keeps on returning the same error. I tried opening my website to other browsers and it works fine. I really want to open my website to Firefox since it is my default browser and I really need your help in solving my problem.

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Error 501 Encryption Problem with my Firefox


Hello Michael!

It’s odd for Mozilla Firefox to have this problem. I noticed more problems with Internet Explorer than in Firefox. The error 501 basically means that the server does not or can not support the function required to complete the request. That’s because the server can’t recognize the method the request is using and does not have the resource to support it.

You already tried the website on different browsers and they worked just fine. It would have been helpful to tell us the website, that way we can try it out with our Firefox browsers if we experience the same problem.

Here are some solutions that you can try to fix your current problem:

  1. Have you tried using a different computer that also has Mozilla Firefox installed? If not I would recommend that you do this first to determine if it really is a Mozilla Firefox issue. If I only knew what website you are having a problem with I would’ve tested this out on my own.
  2. Open Mozilla Firefox and click on Tools and then click on Options, clear all your cache, all your cookies and also all of your browsing history. Make Firefox as fresh as it can. Close this Window and close Firefox completely. Open Firefox again and see if you can visit the website.
  3. Since Mozilla Firefox is your default or preferred browser, you probably have some Add Ons in it. Run your Mozilla Firefox browser and disable all the Add Ons that run automatically. Close Firefox and launch it again and enter the website you want to visit in the address bar. Try to access it this time. There may be a chance that an Add On is interfering with your connection to a server you are trying to access.
  4. Check to see if your Mozilla Firefox browser is currently using a proxy IP address. You can see this in the Tools options mentioned earlier. Some proxies can access different sites and can’t on some occasions, make sure that you aren’t using one right now. Close the Firefox browser after doing this and launch it again. Try surfing to the website you are trying to access and wait for it to load or get the error again.
  5. You may now have to reinstall your Mozilla Firefox so go ahead and Uninstall it by using the Add/Remove Programs option inside your Control Panel. When uninstalling make sure you delete he Mozilla Firefox folder too by navigating through your Windows Explorer and going to the Program Files folder. Restart your computer before installing your Mozilla Firefox again. After installation try to surf to your website and see if that solves it.
  6. If you are still unable to view the website, you may be using an out-dated Firefox browser. They are times that Firefox will ask you to upgrade or update your Firefox browser and some people tend to skip this or remind them later. To be on the safe side, go to the Mozilla Firefox website using a different browser and download the Latest version. Before doing this I should remind you to uninstall the current version you are using to not cause any conflicts. Install the latest version and try again.

I hope that after trying out my solutions it has solved the problem. Post back if it still doesn’t work so we can find more ways to solve this and also include the website you are trying to access. Happy Surfing!

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Error 501 Encryption Problem with my Firefox


You just need to clear your "COOKIES" and "CACHE". Here are the steps:

1. Open your "Tools" on your Mozilla Firefox.

2. Select "Options".

3. Select "Privacy".

4. Click "clear all current history".

5. At the time range tab, select "Everything".

6. Make sure to put check in the box at the right side of your "CACHE" and "Cookies".

7. Click "Clear Now" and wait for it to finish.

8. Open the web site you want to open and its all done.

NOTE: Make sure you have the updated Mozilla Firefox. You can download the latest browser at: If you don't have the latest browser. Just reinstall you updated Mozilla Firefox and just repeat the process at top.

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