Encrypting Email Attachments While Sending E-mails In Microsoft Outlook

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Hey, I am concerned about the security of my emails online. How do I send emails with encrypting email attachments in Microsoft Outlook?

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Encrypting Email Attachments While Sending E-mails In Microsoft Outlook


Hey there,

Before that, you must know the basic terminology of Encryption. You must also know that when you send an encrypted email, you send a digital ID along with it, which the receiver must have, to decrypt and read. When you encrypt the complete email, the attachments are also encrypted along with it. For Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps (if you wish to encrypt only a single message):

1. In the composing mail, go to ‘File’ menu, click ‘Properties.’

2. On ‘Security Settings,’ check the box of ’Encrypt message contents and attachments’

3. Write the mail and ‘Send’ without any concern.

Additionally, if you want to make all outgoing emails as encrypted,

Head to ‘File’ option at the composing mail, click on ‘Options.’

Select ‘Trust Centre’ and Navigate to ‘Trust Centre Settings.’

Find the ‘Email Security Tab,’ listed inside ‘Encrypted Email’ and check the box of ‘Encrypt Contents for Outgoing Messages’

You’re all set. You can further explore the ‘Settings’ for additional configurations.

Hope it helps!

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Encrypting Email Attachments While Sending E-mails In Microsoft Outlook


Encryption in email is also possible but the person who will receive it or the recipient should also have an email that supports encryption. When you encrypt an email message with Microsoft Office Outlook, the readable plain text message in the email is converted into a scrambled cipher text.

The person who will receive the message or the recipient should use his private key and it should match with the public key used to encrypt the message. If the person doesn’t have the private key, he will see the message “This item cannot be displayed in the Reading Pane. Open the item to read its contents.”

If he tries to open it, a dialog will appear with the message “Sorry, we’re having trouble opening this item. This could be temporary, but if you see it again you might want to restart Outlook. Your Digital ID name cannot be found by the underlying security system.” If you want to encrypt a message with Microsoft Office Outlook, start composing your message.

When you are finished composing, in Microsoft Office Outlook, click “File”, “Properties”, “Security Settings”, and then check “Encrypt message contents and attachments”. Enter the rest of the details for your email like the “To” and “Subject”. When you are ready to send, click “Send” to send the email.

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