Encountered Error 1722 when installing software

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Hi Gurus,

I was installing a program that I downloaded from the internet when I received the error message below. 

I tried downloading and installing the same program on my laptop, my other machine, but I was surprised when I did not receive the error and instead was successfully installed.  

I tried reinstalling but the same thing happened. 

What did I do wrong on my other PC?

Installer Information

                    Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer

                    package. A package run as part of the setup did not finish as expected.

                    Contact your support personnel or package vendor.


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Encountered Error 1722 when installing software


Many users face the same error even I face this kind of error but below are the solution that I try to use to fix some of this problem.

Solution 1: Remove the Program then Install again

Try removing it from the Control Panel then uninstall programs, then install the program once again. See if the error still exists and if does go to solution no 2.

Solution 2: Download the same program again

Download it again, it might be a file is corrupted and it needs to be redownload to fix.

There are many installers that suddenly don't download the way it should be.

Then reinstall it again, but check if all requirements are met by your computer.

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Encountered Error 1722 when installing software


This is a common problem that occurs during installation because windows is forced to execute several installations.

To fix this, uninstall all the components of the program. Go to the Start button and click on Run, then key in msiexec/unreg and click enter. To reinstall the program go back to Run and this time, key in msiexec/regserver and press enter.

Another solution would be to uninstall all the components of the program then download a new installer. Go offline and turn off the anti-virus program that you are running then install the program again.

You can also run the setup as an administrator. Search for the setup.exe file of the program you are trying to install and right click on it.

Choose the Run as Administrator option and start installing.





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Encountered Error 1722 when installing software


Windows – for years – has unsatisfied users with error messages that typically not only do not provide the proper info to troubleshoot errors, but hardly provide enough information to describe the error. I have found a Techyv post where you will get your desired problem’s solutions as well will be able to enrich your knowledge with different kinds of Windows error as well solutions.

Top 10 Windows 7 Errors

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