Enable both headset and speaker audio connections at the same time

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I'm using a computer with a Realtek 6.1-channel onboard audio and I want to be able to use my headset-mic with the desktop speakers at the same time.  I work as a virtual assistant with only a few calls coming in.  Rather than sit in front of my computer the entire work shift, I want to be able to leave the computer without having to miss a call coming in through Skype.  However, with my headset-mic device plugged in, the speakers are automatically disabled.  I have the headset plugged into the green audio port, while the speakers are plugged into the black port.  How do I enable both devices to work simultaneously so I can hear the ringing through the speakers when a call comes in through Skype while I am away from the computer?


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Enable both headset and speaker audio connections at the same time


Hello Philip Osmena.

How to enable both speaker and headset at the same time:

1.  Open Realtek HD Audio Manager.  You can open it via the Realtek speaker icon on your system tray or via the Control Panel Realtek HD Audio Manager icon.

2.  Click on "Device Advanced Settings".  It is located in the upper right corner.

3.  In the Playback Device section, enable "Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously".

4.  You have to change the way you connect your speaker and headset.  You have to connect the speakers to the green port and the headset on the front audio port of your CPU chassis.

By the way, I think a better idea would be to just unplug your headset when you leave your computer so that the speakers become enabled.  In which case, on Step 3, enable "Mute the rear output device when a front headphone plugged in."


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