Email Zip files attachment error?

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I have a couple of zip folders to email, using Hotmail. I made sure that this folder does not exceed the allowable file size. So, I made it sure that it's 22.3 MB. We knew that allowable file size is 25 mb. So, it does not exceed the file size limit. Here’s the image:


I attached this file, I’ve waited for more than 20 minutes for this file attaching but it gives me a message like this.

Oops, you're over the 25 MB attachment limit. If you'd like, you can send this file as an online file instead.

Send as online file No thanks

Files with errors will not be uploaded.



This file put you over your attachment limit and wasn't added to your message.


How could this happen when my file size does not exceed the limit.

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Email Zip files attachment error?



These are the following reasons for this problem:

  • The browser you are using may not be updated. Try the new version of the browser.
  • It may be hotmail service problem which did not load at that time. That's why it required 20 minutes to upload.
  • Sometimes, it happens due to interruption from antivirus. So, finish all anti-virus tasks before attaching any file.
  • The free ad supported hotmail email account allows file attachments for a maximum of 10 MB .
  • Skydive storage service in hotmail allows large attachment file process. Just move your cursor above the "Windows live" logo and select "SkyDrive" from drop down menu then the next page will be loaded. Just click "Add Files" to upload a file from your computer.


  • The hotmail plus allows you 20 MB of file attachments which is paid $20 a year.
  • Another way to attach files is through email. It is fast and easy.
  • YahooMail allows you a 25MB of attachments.

It is better for the winrar and zip files to email separately.

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Email Zip files attachment error?


To me it looks like you have already attached one file and it is about 23 MB, and then you are trying to attach another one that is probably of the same size. That will be possible. The 25 MB is not the size of only one file that you can upload but the total size of all files that can be uploaded. Therefore you will need to attach to file at a time, and then send it, and then attach the others in other messages to send to.

Since the files you are attaching are too big, you will need to have a strong internet connection speed that will enable them to be attached, which seems not to be the case for you. You will need to troubleshoot problems with internet connection.

-Clair Charles

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