Email updates through Excel using Lotus Notes

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 I send email updates through my Excel application using Lotus Notes. I’m looking for a speedy and reliable means to make sure if the user is logged in to Notes. If the user is not logged into Notes before they make an action Excel waits for the user to log in to Notes.

Unluckily, Notes were sometimes begin 'under' Excel and all the user see egg timer cursor, and they believe that emailing is just taking a bit of time. Certain part of the process times out after 20 seconds or so and this creates an error in Excel. I can assume this as a kludge way of understanding if Notes works; it takes more time to realize it.

I even consider using “Activate Application” ("Notes") but while this confirms that the application is running, it still returns even though no one logged in. What I am really eager is the availability of some Domino object that can only be accessible if the user is logged in, but won't turn on the Notes log in dialogue in order for me to make a test before even using the email code.

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Email updates through Excel using Lotus Notes


The reason why the email is being updated the excel sheets recorded through the lotus notes application is because you have set it to do it that way, and therefore you may need to disconnect ms excel from lotus notes so that the excel details do not have to be updated from lotus notes. And for the slow updating process, that could be caused by the RAM capacity that the computers are operating on. In case the RAM speed is too low, then you will expect that the computers will operate at a slower speed, and therefore you will need to upgrade the RAM capacity of the computers. Since the update has to connect to the internet, then the internet connection speed may be slow, and therefore you will need to refresh it.

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