Email problems on my Samsung Galaxy S3

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I own an almost two years old Samsung Galaxy S3, which has always worked perfectly. Recently I am having some issues in reading my emails.

A couple of days ago, when I tried to sync the app, I got an error message stating that the password was incorrect.

I retyped it, but another error message stating that it was not possible to connect with the server appeared.

I decided to change the password in my account, but even the new password was not accepted.

What should I try next?

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Email problems on my Samsung Galaxy S3


If you are having a network related issue on your handset, you should fix it first before doing anything on your email account. Forcing to change your email password while having a network problem might worsen the situation. To check if your handset can connect to the internet, go to Settings then make sure Data Connection is turned on.

You won’t be able to connect to the internet if the Data Connection setting is turned off and you certainly won’t be able to change your email password. Once it is turned on, open your web browser then open a website or just simply go to Google. If you can open the website then your network problem is fixed.

Next, go to your Gmail account then login to your account. Make sure the password you are using is correct. If your previous attempt to change the password failed then your account is still using the original password. If your phone automatically fills the password for your email account, clear the password field and then enter the password again manually.

If it still reports that the password is incorrect, open your Gmail account using a normal PC then change your password there. It is better to fix the problem with your email using a regular PC than with just a Smartphone. Just reset your password and it should fix the problem. Just change the temporary password sent by Google to your own desired password.

Before leaving the computer, make sure you can log out and log in back to your account so there will be no problem when you access it on your handset.

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