Email many with same subject

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Is it possible to make several e-mails with the same subject and message but sent to different addresses with different attachments?

Please give me step by step method

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Email many with same subject


Well, what I know is that you can be able to send an email message that has the same subject to different addresses, but the message will be having the same attachments in case they are there delivered to all addresses that you are sending the email message to.

To send an email message to various addresses, you can do either of the following:

  • You can use the CC and BCC fields in the email address.
  • Or you can as well separate the addresses that you want the email messages delivered to using commas.

If you need to send emails with different attachments to various users, then you will need to send the email messages differently.

-Mathew Stone


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Email many with same subject


I don’t think what you are asking is possible. Yes, it is possible to send the same message with the same subject to multiple recipients or to different email addresses. All email addresses added to the “To” field will receive exactly the same email message and also with the same subject information.

But the problem is you cannot add different individual attachment for each email address that you add in the “To” field because there is no option allowing you to do that. When you compose an email message, by default, you are allowed to add as many attachments as you want to your message but you cannot specify which attachment is for which email address if you specify multiple addresses.

If you specify multiple recipients in the “To” field and you added multiple attachments, all files you attached will be sent to all the recipients you specified. When the users check their email addresses, they will all receive the same message with the same attachments.

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