Email To Bounce Back The Spam Messages To The Spammers.

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Having an email, we all receive spam messages more often. Though these spam messages are present outside the inbox, there are other ways to allow spam messages to enter your email. One way is to bounce back the email to the spammer. How to bounce an email?

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Email To Bounce Back The Spam Messages To The Spammers.


Following are the ways to bounce email:

1) Download email management tool.

–>Emails don’t have an inbuilt bouncing feature. So you need to download one. You can download Mail washer or Bounce Bully.

 Run the downloaded extension.

 Open your email in the downloaded program.

1) Mail washer

  •  Click on check mail to see the messages waiting to come on your server.
  •  Right-click on the email you want to bounce back.
  •  Select mark for bounce option.
  •  Click on ‘process mail’ button to carry out the final step to bounce back the spam email.

2) Bounce Bully

  •  Click on message tab and drag down your email on the application.
  •  Click on Config tab.
  •  Click on the bounce to bounce selected email back to the spammer.

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