Elecom’s Bluetooth and Keyboard all in one device

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How does a Bluetooth and keyboard for a tablet and smartphone works? How much will it cost me if I buy one?


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Elecom’s Bluetooth and Keyboard all in one device


Targus Bluetooth® Wireless Keyboard for Tablets


This Targus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Tablets containing an open ergonomic list to present additional ease and get rid of the strain when you are typing. The keys will give a comment to the user to help enhancing typing accuracy and speed. It gives a well-organized, cable free workspace and it will instantly sync to your tablet for proximate use. The battery of this keyboard will last up to 7 months and it consists of a low power indicator light to notify the user when they are running low on battery.

This keyboard is structured as black in color to correspond on table colors. This is comfy yet compact and the size is best when traveling. It supports Apple devices running iOS, Windows and Android OS.

Formed for iOS devices, Android, Mac and Windows.
Ergonomic layout that is best to avoid strain; The Bluetooth function provides a wireless technology;keys give a demonstrative feedback for a enhanced typing speed and preciseness; battery that lasted for 7 months and power indicator light.

This is also RoHS compatible in black color. The exterior dimension is 0.70" x 11.35" L x 4.85" W. It has one year limited warranty. And you can purchase it for $43.99.

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Elecom’s Bluetooth and Keyboard all in one device


Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard for transmitting or sending mobile electronic device data over short distances. It was introduced in 1994 as a wireless substitute for RS-232 cables. It is a telecommunications industry specification that describes how computers, mobile devices, and other devices can easily communicate with one another with the use of a short-range wireless connection.

It communicates with a variety of electronic devices and creates personal networks operating within the unlicensed 2.4 GHz band. The operating range, on the other hand, is based or depends on the device class. Bluetooth equips its network and devices with high-level services like file pushing, serial line emulation, and voice transmission. With the use of Bluetooth, you can connect a Bluetooth-capable keyboard to a tablet or Smartphone.

Just like when connecting two phones with Bluetooth, connecting a wireless keyboard is also done by pairing. Two things to remember before connecting a wireless keyboard:

  • Make sure the wireless keyboard connects via Bluetooth and not via radio interface because these are completely different things.
  • Make sure the tablet includes a built-in Bluetooth module.

Before connecting a wireless keyboard on your tablet, it is recommended to install an app like Gboard that supports typing from an external device. Now, to pair your wireless keyboard with your tablet, turn on your wireless keyboard and activate the detection mode according to its instructions. On your tablet, go to “Settings”, “Bluetooth” then tap the slider to activate Bluetooth.

Click “Search” to scan for nearby devices. When you see the name of your typing device, tap it to begin pairing. When you are prompted for a password, type without quotes “0000” then hit Enter. This is the default password. If this doesn’t work, see the manual of the keyboard for instructions.

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