EFopen error: Insufficient System Resources

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I am using Windows XP 2002 Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32-bit.

When I run the computer about for 8-10 hours, it would start showing the following error message:

EFopen error, insufficient system resources, exception unknown software exception, or out of memory errors.

The system is running fine but the Start Menu would go clear and all the Programs won't work at all as well as the Task Manager. It needs restarting and everything is fine for a few hours. But then it gets even worse again. I have also installed Avira Antivirus & Spybot on my PC. I ran Combofix, MGTools, CCleaner and some online scans in my computer but they failed to detect any error or virus. Still I am facing this problem and it occurs regularly. I don’t know much about this problem. Is this a virus problem or hardware? How can I fix it? Please help. Thanks in advance.

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EFopen error: Insufficient System Resources



There are two typical causes for this error:

  1. Driver problems (usually a bad update or a need for an update)
  2. physically RAM Problem.

means that you have to check your system and see if it needs more specs… like how much RAM is installed, motherboard, CPU etc. or also you can right click on the task bar and select  "task manager"> processes and check to see the resources being used at an Idle. you may find something that is using unusual large amount of space, this may or may no be part of a "Memory Leak", it typically occurs when the computer uses 1GB or more of RAM.

Also did you do any update?, especially drivers, around The time this error started. you should do so please. to update your drivers you can go to your Computer manufacturer Website eg Dell, Acer, Hp etc……. and enter your code and see what available driver versions they have for download.


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