Easy ways to approve by Google Adsense

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I've applied for Google Adsense for thrice now. Unfortunately, they always reject my application. I'm getting frustrated about the results.

I wonder if there are easy ways or techniques so that I can get a Google Adsense account.

Can someone give me some tips?

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Easy ways to approve by Google Adsense


Hi Micaella

This is very familiar with Google Adsense because they unfortunately recognize your PC location, IP and your account from the same IP will band forever. So this is the solution for you, I have really experienced that reinstall your Windows from New. Trust me, this solution will very effect on you. But do not Frustrated to any work. Keep cool and work honestly.

You will overcome this problem soon.

If you want to leave this solution so try another: you must be change IP address from your computer. Google Adsence will never trace you. For an instant you will get Ads from there. But this time the blog you select regarding. 

Make it happy

Thank you

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