Error loading E6F1873B.DLL after downloading music

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My son’s laptop had experienced the message error “Error loading E6F1873B.DLL” every time he started it. Before the bothersome error happened, he downloaded numerous music videos from the internet. Everything was doing fine but after several hours had passed the computer rebooted by its own and the error message appeared already.

Additionally, during the booting process, it checked the hard drives and said that the hard drive checking is failed and it went back to the above error message. He restarted his laptop for the last time and the same error had been displaying in the laptop’s screen.

Can you please give me some useful insights on how I can help my son? Thank you in advance.

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Error loading E6F1873B.DLL after downloading music


Hello Jezer, I think you son's computer is infected by virus or virus like program. You said your son downloaded lots of music videos. Your son may download the virus. This virus starts when windows starts. You can check the startup files using the some free software. To see the startup programs and to modify them you need third party software and you can get those free in the internet. I also recommend you to use a good quality antivirus and a firewall to protect your pc from virus and cyber-attacks. Now you have to do is, Install a antivirus program and scan the whole system to detect any virus and I you may need to restore you system. I believe if you do all of these tasks then you may get rid of the problem. Hope the solution work for you.


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