E-mail is not going to trash

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When I am clicking on my e-mail, it gives me an error message says “session on server expired and re-login.” But it is not allowing me to login again because message keeps on repeating. There is no problem with other e-mails. Also, when I am trying to send it to trash, it is not being deleted, but it says it was. I want to solve these issues. Please help me.

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E-mail is not going to trash


Hello Sam,

The error with the message not moving to the trash folder and refusing to open maybe because you are having a slow internet connection, and the message has a lot of attachments making it bulky and heavy and therefore to be successfully opened you will need to have a fast internet connection speed.

Otherwise the message might just be freezing, and therefore try logging out of the email and then logging in again and then try opening the message  and see if it will open.

You may also restart the computer so as to refresh the network connection in case it is in idle mode.


Mahesh Babu


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